mercoledì 20 settembre 2017

Ambassador Habsburg‘s 12 Catholic Twettiquette Suggestions

As I wake up every morning to new "Catholic battles" on Twitter and as Ambassadors try to broker peace here's some suggestions #Twettiquette


  1. As much as Amoris Laetitia, perceived personal attacks, doctrinal matters anger you, you are part of the same body of Christ.
  2. De-escalation: if your Catholic "opponent" tweets something you agree with like it or retweet it.
  3. Do you pray for the catholic tweeters that you "do battle" with every day? You share the same Faith (of love).
  4. Thomas Aquinas always gave the opponent's view a very fair go before arguing his position. Fight on arguments not personally.
  5. Don't assume your "Catholic opponent" fights in a dishonest way. He might think the same of you.
  6. Disagreeing on catholic positions is possible, but doing nasty battle gives a pitiful message to observers.
  7. Before you shoot out a hard reply to a "Catholic opponent" say a prayer for that person. That might achieve more than a Tweet.
  8. The "Catholic #Twettiquette" suggestions are meant NOT just for "your opponent", but surprisingly for you, too.
  9. You want as many people as possible get to know and love God? Your Catholic behaviour on Twitter makes a difference.
  10. Before simply blocking an opponent, suggest to stay civil in future. Seek dialogue. And don't block.
  11. Don't forget what the Jesus man said: "love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you on Twitter".
  12. Remember what the Peter man said: "How often should I not block my opponent on Twitter? Seven times? And Jesus said seventy seven times".

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